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Welcome to the delicious world of vegan croquettes! If you’re on the hunt for a plant-based appetizer that will tantalize your taste buds, you’ve come to the right place. These crispy and flavorful delights are the perfect way to kickstart any meal or satisfy your snack cravings. Get ready to indulge in a dish that’s both healthy and satisfying, packed with veggies and bursting with flavor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vegan croquettes are a tasty and versatile option for plant-based appetizers.
  • They can be enjoyed as a savory breakfast, snack, or appetizer.
  • Customize your croquettes with various flavor variations and serve them with a variety of sauces.
  • Freeze and reheat these croquettes for a convenient and delicious meal option.
  • Experiment with different flavors and serving options to make these croquettes your own.

Homemade Vegan Croquette Recipe – Easy and Crispy

homemade vegan croquettes

Looking for a delicious and crispy vegan croquette recipe? Look no further! This homemade vegan croquette recipe is incredibly easy to make and yields perfectly crispy results every time. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, this recipe is sure to become a new favorite.

To make these tasty croquettes, you’ll need a few simple ingredients. Start with shredded raw potatoes and cooked cauliflower, which add a delightful texture and flavor to the croquettes. Season them with garlic, basil, and salt for a burst of deliciousness. The next step is to shape the mixture into your desired form, whether it’s traditional croquette shapes or something more creative.

Once shaped, coat the croquettes in breadcrumbs for an extra crunch. Then, it’s time to cook them. You have the option of deep-frying or baking the croquettes, depending on your preference. Deep-frying will give them a golden, crispy exterior, while baking offers a healthier alternative without sacrificing taste. Choose the cooking method that suits your dietary needs and taste preferences.

Cooking Instructions:

  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine shredded raw potatoes, cooked cauliflower, garlic, basil, and salt.
  2. Mix well until all ingredients are fully incorporated.
  3. Shape the mixture into croquette shapes or your desired form.
  4. Coat the croquettes in breadcrumbs.
  5. Option 1: Deep-fry the croquettes until golden and crispy.
  6. Option 2: Bake the croquettes in a preheated oven at 375°F (190°C) for 20-25 minutes, or until golden and crispy.
  7. Enjoy these easy and crispy vegan croquettes as a delicious plant-based appetizer or snack!

With just a few simple steps, you can create these amazing homemade vegan croquettes. They’re perfect for enjoying on their own or serving with your favorite dipping sauces. So why wait? Try this easy and crispy vegan croquette recipe today and impress your family and friends with a tasty plant-based dish!

Flavor Variations and Serving Suggestions for Vegan Croquettes

delicious vegan croquette variations

Add some variety to your vegan croquettes by exploring different flavor combinations and serving options. Here are some delicious variations to try:

Mushroom and Garlic Croquettes

Infuse your croquettes with the earthy flavors of mushrooms and the aromatic notes of garlic. Sauté finely chopped mushrooms and garlic until tender, then mix them into your croquette mixture. This combination adds a rich and savory taste to your croquettes.

Vegan Bacon Croquettes

For a smoky and indulgent twist, incorporate vegan bacon into your croquettes. Crumble cooked vegan bacon into the mixture before shaping and coating the croquettes. The crispy and savory bacon flavor pairs perfectly with the creamy potato interior.

Dill and Cheddar Croquettes

Add a tangy and cheesy element to your croquettes by combining fresh dill and vegan cheddar. Mix finely chopped dill and grated vegan cheddar into the croquette mixture. The result is a delightful burst of flavor with every bite.

Broccoli and Nooch Croquettes

Boost the nutritional value of your croquettes by incorporating broccoli and nutritional yeast. Steam or blanch chopped broccoli until tender, then mix it with the croquette mixture along with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. The combination adds a pop of green color and a cheesy, nutty flavor.

Vegetable Curry Croquettes

If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, try adding a spicy kick to your croquettes with a vegetable curry twist. Cook your favorite vegetable curry, let it cool, and then mix it into the croquette mixture. The aromatic spices in the curry will infuse the croquettes with a burst of flavor.

When it comes to serving your vegan croquettes, the options are endless. Here are some suggestions:

  • Serve the croquettes as an appetizer at a party or gathering.
  • Enjoy them as a finger food for game nights or movie marathons.
  • Serve them as a side dish alongside a fresh salad or roasted vegetables for a complete meal.
  • Pair them with a variety of dipping sauces such as chipotle, guacamole, spicy-sweet peanut sauce, or lemon-dill mayonnaise for an added flavor dimension.

Experiment with different flavor variations and serving options to create a unique and delicious culinary experience with your vegan croquettes. Don’t be afraid to get creative and personalize the flavors to your liking. Whether you’re a fan of bold and spicy or subtle and cheesy, there’s a vegan croquette variation perfect for your taste buds.

Tips for Freezing and Reheating Vegan Croquettes

freezing and reheating vegan croquettes image

Freezing and reheating vegan croquettes is a simple and convenient way to enjoy these tasty treats whenever you want. Whether you want to meal prep for the week or save leftovers for later, here are some helpful tips to ensure your croquettes stay delicious and maintain their texture.

Freezing Vegan Croquettes

When freezing vegan croquettes, it’s important to properly store them to avoid freezer burn and maintain their flavor. Here’s how:

  • Allow the croquettes to cool completely before freezing.
  • Place the croquettes in an airtight container or freezer bag.
  • Label the container or bag with the date of freezing.
  • Place the container or bag in the freezer, ensuring it is kept upright to prevent any potential mishaps.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your vegan croquettes stay fresh and tasty for an extended period.

Reheating Vegan Croquettes

When it’s time to enjoy your frozen vegan croquettes, reheating them is a breeze. Here are a few methods you can use:

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C). Place the frozen croquettes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 15-20 minutes or until heated through and crispy.
  2. Alternatively, you can use a toaster oven or air fryer to reheat the croquettes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results.
  3. If you’re in a hurry, you can microwave the frozen croquettes for a quick reheating option. Place them on a microwave-safe plate and heat on high for 1-2 minutes, or until heated through.

Remember to let the croquettes cool for a few minutes before serving, as they can be hot right out of the oven or microwave. Enjoy the delicious flavors and crispy texture of these reheated vegan croquettes!


So there you have it, the delightful world of vegan croquettes! These plant-based wonders are not just your average appetizers, they are a culinary adventure waiting to happen. From the crispy exterior to the soft and flavorful interior, these croquettes will leave you craving for more.

With their versatility, you can let your creativity run wild. Experiment with different flavor variations like mushroom and garlic, vegan bacon, or even a vegetable curry twist. Serve them up with a variety of mouth-watering sauces like chipotle or spicy-sweet peanut sauce to elevate the taste to a whole new level.

But the perks of vegan croquettes don’t stop there! You can easily freeze these delectable bites, ensuring that you always have a quick and tasty meal option on hand. Whether you choose to fry them up or bake them, the croquettes will maintain their delicious flavors and textures even after freezing.

So why wait? It’s time to embark on a vegan croquette journey and savor the goodness of plant-based appetizers. Get ready to impress your taste buds and your guests with these irresistible wonders. Go ahead, indulge in the world of vegan croquettes and discover a whole new level of deliciousness!


Are these vegan croquettes suitable for any time of day?

Absolutely! These versatile croquettes make a delicious plant-based starter that can be enjoyed at any time of day, whether it’s breakfast, a snack, or an appetizer.

How would you describe the texture of these vegan croquettes?

These croquettes are crispy on the outside and soft and potato-y on the inside, creating a delightful combination of textures that will leave you craving more.

Can these vegan croquettes be baked or fried?

Yes! You have the option to either bake or fry these croquettes, depending on your preference. Baking them is a healthier alternative, while frying gives them that extra crunchy goodness.

Can I customize the flavor of these vegan croquettes?

Absolutely! You can get creative and customize these croquettes with different flavor variations such as mushroom and garlic, dill and cheddar, or even vegetable curry. The possibilities are endless!

What sauces would go well with these vegan croquettes?

These croquettes pair perfectly with a variety of sauces, such as chipotle, guacamole, spicy-sweet peanut sauce, or lemon-dill mayonnaise. Get saucy and find your favorite combination!

Can these vegan croquettes be made gluten-free?

Absolutely! You can easily make these croquettes gluten-free by using gluten-free breadcrumbs or flour alternatives. Everyone can enjoy these tasty treats!

Are these vegan croquettes freezer-friendly?

Yes! These croquettes are freezer-friendly, making them an ideal option for meal prepping or saving leftovers. Just pop them in the freezer and enjoy them whenever you desire!

How do I reheat these frozen vegan croquettes?

Reheating these frozen croquettes is a breeze! Simply place them in a preheated oven or toaster until they are heated through and crispy. Enjoy the convenience without sacrificing flavor!

Do these vegan croquettes maintain their taste and quality after freezing?

Absolutely! These croquettes maintain their delicious flavors and textures even after freezing, ensuring that every bite is just as satisfying as the first.

Where can I find the recipe for these vegan croquettes?

You can find the recipe for these easy and crispy vegan croquettes in the article above. Give them a try and enjoy this nutritious and flavorful plant-based dish!

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