Is tapioca Vegan

Is Tapioca Vegan?

Anyone who has been vegan for a significant period of time will have stumbled upon foods where it is not immediately obvious whether or not they are vegan-friendly. While some ingredients are quite clearly derived from animals, it is not always apparent and on several occasions, I have picked up a food product in the …

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Is Tempura Vegan?

Is Tempura Vegan?

With the modern prevalence of veganism, many restaurants now cater for vegans with a variety of menu items, and most vegans are adept at recognizing which foods they can and cannot eat. However, knowing what is off-limits can still present problems, even for experienced vegans, and this is especially true when eating foods from other …

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Is falafel Vegan

Is Falafel Vegan?

Turning vegan can seem a little daunting, especially when it comes to learning which foods are off-limits, but it is important to remember that even experienced vegans run into products they are unsure about. While there are some foods that are clearly vegan in all cases, things become more complicated when a food type can …

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Is Butter Vegan

Is Butter Vegan?

Research has shown that veganism can help to lower your risk of obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain forms of heart disease, while the moral and environmental arguments are also driving a growing number of people towards the lifestyle too. With a little preparation, it is perfectly possible to enjoy a varied …

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Is Pita Bread Vegan

Is Pita Bread Vegan?

Vegan lifestyles are healthy, environmentally responsible and ethically sound, but there is no doubt that sticking rigidly to the diet presents challenges, and I am continually amazed by the number of foods that contain animal products, often for no good reason. As a result, many vegans are constantly searching online for foods that are acceptable …

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